Dining Pool Tables

Koralturk Metamorphosing Dining table.

This beautiful table competes with the best dining tables in the market. Contemporary design and 100’s of finish options, a range of sizes and seating options ensure a perfect and stylish dining solution for your home.

High gloss or matt finishes, wood grains to metallic all provide a most stunning dining table which with its classic uncluttered lines will look great in the home or office.

Not just for dinner!

You will also benefit from having your own professional Games room. Just swing the top through 270 degrees (open like wardrobe doors) and the table is ready to for play. Easy to lift, no need to stow your table top as the leaves rest out of the way at the side of the table. Suitable to play most cue sports, including Pool or Snooker. (Carom version also available)

Now your dining room can be your Games room!

Invite friends over, keep the kids amused and entertained, improve your cue sports skills and become a hustler. Fun for all the family.

Even better in the work place, stuffy old board meetings can be a thing of the past, shoot some pool with the boss and your colleagues!

POOL DINING TABLE measurements:

6 seater 5 ft table internal size is 147x73,5 cm external size is 180,5x107 cm
8 seater 6 ft table internal size is 167x83,5 cm external size is 200,5x117 cm
10 seater 7 ft table internal size is 198x99,0 cm external size is 231,5x132,5 cm
12 seater 8 ft table internal size is 210x105 cm external size is 243,5x138,5 cm

This pool dining table features our exclusive high pressure framed slatec playing surface which provides a professional performance pool table at a fraction of the weight. This weight saving allows your dining table to be a proper dining table without compromise, you can move it as necessary, easier installation for upstairs, attics and cellar locations.

The special leg design coupled with the robust, rigid and level slatec bed makes certain that this piece of furniture competes with the best professional pool tables in the market.

What’s more, there is the option to include a neat table tennis net which can be incorporated with the dining top to provide further expansion of your new games room facilities without taking any additional space.

Incredibly stable and level for true pool table performance.

Light weight for practicality in the home.

Available in 6, 8, 10 and 12 seater versions

Bench and chair seating options (including storage bench)

Vast range of finish and cloth options

Slatec bed is lighter, more stable and more rigid, the modern alternative to slate, and environmentally sustainable

Add value and functionality to your home.

Colour selections