Satin Model Dinning Pool Tables

Koralturk has created Patent Right Design & Multifunctionality the FLAP Tables. As you know billiards manufacturers in the world that put on theirs tables one or two pieces surface on the table top. Whatever you make this tables looks Billiard Table. Our main differences as you seen on the pictures Flap Tables that looks like Dining Table and by means of the our pattend right hinges makes very easy to use our tables. Besides a lady never wants to see in hers living room a Billiard Table. If the table model looks like dining table all problem has been solved on the top.

Top quality a Dining/Pool table that fuses a sleek European design with functionality. The FLAP Tables will add a new dimension to the dining room, board room, recreational room, conference room, media room, and game room. The table has been received very well at shows around the World.

FLAP Tables has been produced by high quality MDF and all the parts we mean legs, body, cushion rails come together by MDF board and after we cover on it with high-tech wood design High Gloss matterial and there is many colour for your selection. We also produce custom made table and able to produce it your furniture colour. It is aviable to work for your choosed color. Slate bed has produced also by MDFLAM but we work under it different additional matterial by means we make the MDFLAM bed looks like slate quality. This application make the MDFLAM like a Slate. By this application make the table light and very durable.

Balance System: FLAP Tables are equiped with adjustable balancing systems. It is placed just under the legs. This system you do not need to put extra pieces under the legs for balance. In pool games, the accuracy of the shots is measurably determined by the quality of the surface. This balancing systems absolutely guarantee perfect ball roll. We are honored to introduce this features to the World Market at first time.

We built with “Know-How” to entertain, the FLAP Tables have indeed exactly what it takes to surprise and create those unique, exiting and memorable moments for you, your family and guests.

We wish Happy hours with your Flap Table after your dinner or lunch.

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