Russian - Perge Tournament Pool Tables

Frame: All the frames of the tables are metal. The reason for that is to make the table stronger and more resistant. The advantage of the use of metal is to carry the weight of the slates which is much better than wood frame. The exterior visible part of metal frame can be coated with the desired wood type and different colors of laminants. The top of the metal frame where the slates are placed is supported by wood pieces. As we all know the stronger the frame the better the table to play a better game.

Perge Tournament Model Pool Tables Perge Tournament Pool Tables

Balance System: All our tables are equiped with two adjustable balancing systems. First one is placed just under legs and the second one is placed under slates. Thus you do not need to put extra pieces under the slates to balance the table at all. In pool games, the accuracy of the shots is measurably determined by the quality of the surface. These two balancing systems absolutely guarantee perfect ball roll. The American Market has never been met these features before. We are honored to introduce these features to the American Market at the first time.

Cushion: K-66 profie cushion is used on all tables. Cushion constitutes a basis for a professional start of the game. We always prefer the highest standarts for the qualith of the game.

Slate: 1 inch certified professional grade slate is used on all tables. We also offer to our valuable customers the Marmara marble which has been being produced in our region and used in palaces for many centuries. You can also prefer these tables which are produced with this special genuine Marmara marble.

Rail: Special selected laminant veneers are used for the rails. We offer a variety of laminant colors for our customers' requirements. A special colorful polish is applied in all wood parts which are made from MDF. This special polish is called acrylic system which prevents the surface of rail against scratch. We also use hardwood for tables in the visible parts of wood except frame.

Pockets: Leather pockets used in tables are absolutely the highest quality and mde in the USA. Basically, our company has a quality-oriented vision to make better satisfaction than any other companies all over the world for our valuable customers. We never use poor quality materials in our all tables. Furthermore, it is also possible tp decide by yourself about your pocket style, design and color from our numerous choices available.

Finish: We can coat the MDF part of the table with the highest quality laminants or we can make the table from wood. We offer numerous colors and design as a parallel with our customers' choices.
Assembly: The tables produced in Koralturk assembly lines are the most practical table assemblies in the world by means of sensitive production techniques. Each table is controlled by the Quality Control Experts carefully before getting prepared for delivery.
P.S.Carambol versions of all models are also available. Hand made billiard table also avaiable.